Pet Policy / Addendum

All parties listed below as GVH and RESIDENT are herein referred to individually and collectively as GRASSY VALLEY HOMES and RESIDENT, respectively.

RESIDENT agrees to the following rules and standards regarding pets:

1. RESIDENT understands that animal/pet(s) are not permitted within our communities unless first approved by GVH. RESIDENT agrees to contact GVH before acquiring any new pet(s) to obtain authorization for this pet to be permitted within the community. If a RESIDENT is found housing any pet(s) which were not authorized by GVH, a $100 penalty will be imposed, and the unauthorized pet must be removed immediately. If the situation is not remedied immediately, it will be considered grounds for eviction and appropriate action will be taken. There is no exception to this rule. (Please do not get a pet without getting authorization from GVH first. We do not enjoy or ever want to make our residents get rid of their pets.)

2. RESIDENT agrees that only small dogs of 20 pounds or less are allowed. Any dog(s) that exceed(s) 20 pounds at maturity is not permitted. RESIDENT understands that GVH strictly prohibits Pit Bull Terriers / American Standard Terriers, Staffordshire Terriers, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Doberman Pinschers, Great Danes, Bull Mastiffs, Siberian Huskies, Alaskan Malamutes, Presa Canarios, Chow Chows, Boxers, Akitas, Wolf-Hybrids, Cane Corsos, Dalmatians, Fila Brasileiros, any mixed breed with any of these listed dog breeds, and any other breed that is known to be aggressive. Residents that already have dog(s) between 20–30 pounds will be grandfathered into this new policy; however, future pets must be under 20 pounds.

3. RESIDENT agrees to remove animal/pet(s) feces immediately and effectively from your own homesite. RESIDENT also agrees not to walk said animal/pet(s) on another resident's homesite. If this occurs, any animal/pet feces are the owner's responsibility and must be picked up immediately. A $50 fine will be imposed if feces are not picked up and removed per occurrence. This is a common courtesy and GVH will strictly enforce this.

4. RESIDENT agrees to maintain control over the animal/pet(s) according to city codes specifically referring to residential animals. As well, RESIDENT agrees to restrain their animal/pet with a leash or harness while outside. Animals/pet(s) must always be on a leash with you holding the other end. Under no circumstances will animal/pet(s) be allowed to roam or run loose throughout the community. There is no exception.

5. RESIDENT agrees that dog houses, pens, fences, etc. are not permitted on homesites or anywhere else within the community and will not be installed. RESIDENT also agrees that animal/pet(s) will not be tied up, chained up, enclosed on deck, or left outside for any extended period. RESIDENT understands that animal/pet(s) must always be supervised.

6. RESIDENT agrees not to leave said animal/pet(s) unattended for a period of twenty-four (24) hours or more. As well, RESIDENT agrees to care for said animal/pet(s) and not neglect or mistreat the animal/pet(s). In the case that a pet is left unattended for a period of twenty-four (24) hours or more or is deemed mistreated or neglected, GVH will contact the proper animal authorities and allow the proper animal authorities to enter the unit. RESIDENT acknowledges GVH is not responsible for the animal/pet(s) upon removal by the proper animal authorities.

7. RESIDENT agrees to maintain control over the animal/pet(s) in a manner that maintains a peaceful and disturbance-free environment for the other residents. Excessive and continued noise resulting from the animal/pet(s) will be addressed immediately according to the terms of the Lease Agreement.

8. RESIDENT agrees to immediately repair any damages resulting from the keeping of said animal/pet(s) as well as be held financially responsible for any repair required by GVH in the case of forfeiture.

9. RESIDENT agrees to maintain proper health visits and keep accurate and current records including but not limited to vaccinations, illnesses, diseases, and other medical needs. As well, RESIDENT agrees to supply GVH with veterinary records as updated.

10. RESIDENT agrees not to feed or house any stray cats. RESIDENT also agrees not to leave animal/pet food unattended and outdoors. This is an automatic fine of $100 if GVH sees any food/water bowls or food bags/cans anywhere on your decks and lot.

11. RESIDENT agrees that any violent acts or aggressive behavior demonstrated by the animal/pet(s), whether injury results, will revoke this agreement and the animal/pet(s) will be required to be removed from the unit.

12. RESIDENT understands that animal rescue services such as fostering and boarding are not allowed in our communities under any circumstances, and do not qualify for assistive animal exceptions. Practicing any type of animal rescue service in our communities will be grounds for eviction.

13. If stated conditions are not met, RESIDENT violates this agreement and pet privileges will be lost.

RESIDENT understands that this Pet Addendum is a part of the Lease Agreement and is legally binding in a court of law and cannot be modified or changed by any oral or verbal promises by whomsoever made, unless said modification is reduced to writing and acknowledged by signatures of the parties hereto.